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Innovative Analytics:
All you need to win

Our purpose is without a doubt: if our picks do not succeed, we do not succeed.  Transparency and honesty are the keys to our success.

SBIA is so confident in our picks that we offer a Money Back Guarantee. If during any 2 month period we don't deliver profitable picks we will give you the next month's service for free.

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At SBIA we want you to win. In addition to winning we want you to spread the word of your exceptional experience with us. For every member that joins as a direct referral from you, we will discount your monthly fee by 25%, with a max of 4 referrals. For each client referred to SBIA who become a member, during their continued membership you will receive a discount on your monthly fee. If you reach the max of 4 referrals than your membership fee per month is $0. If a referred member cancels their service with SBIA then your bonus referral discount, that was received for that member, will be removed. 

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per month
(billed monthly)

Includes the following:
Year round picks for all product markets offered: (NBA, MLB, NCAA Men's College Basketball, and WNBA)
Money Back Guarantee*
24/7 Customer Support
Bonus Referral Program*
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