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NBA Day 1 Recap

Updated: Nov 8

We started out our NBA season with quite a large slate on the books, and posted a total of 23 picks for 24 units wagered on the day. With the beginning of every new season, volatility is a concern, which is why our modeling team waits a few days after the regular season begins to collect fresh data, as this can take a few days to stabilize. Our totals went 4-4 on the day, losing -1.54 units, but our sides made up for these losses. Our sides finished 10-5 on the night, returning +6.11 units on these markets, to bring our first day to +4.57 units overall.

day 1 nba results

With a smaller slate today, the number of picks provided will be significantly less than yesterday. However, volume is what makes our system so special. A large volume of plays has two primary benefits: stable performance and bankroll turnover. By wagering on a large volume of games, we create a diversification effect, which decreases the volatility of returns. But more importantly, betting on a large proportion of games allows us to compound our advantage, generating a higher overall ROI.

We made significant model enhancements after our first live 2022-2023 season and look forward to sharing our improved product with you:

  • Refined pace estimation

  • Agile model responsiveness to changing league environment

  • Improved player minutes projections

  • Optimized unit allocation across correlated markets

  • Update betting methodology for more consistent returns

If you haven't tried out our system yet, we take an investment approach to our modeling and it is quite different than anything you may have experienced before. To try it out, you can opt into both of our FREE WEEKS of NBA and NCAAB at

We offer two types of guarantees to choose from, you can choose what fits you best:

The SBIA Money-Back Guarantee: If we do not net a positive return over your package term, we refund your package fee.

The Net Unit Rebate Rewards Program: Elite $200 Rebate Reward: If we do not net a positive return, you qualify to receive a rebate reward of $200 per unit SBIA lost (instead of a refund) over the package term, no maximum. Alternative unit size considerations (up to $500/unit) can be requested by emailing

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