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Turn RBI into ROI

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MLB Results

Turn RBI into ROI

Modeling WNBA picks offers some specific challenges. There are only 12 teams in the league, each only playing 36 games during the regular season. 

With less than a quarter of the sports betting opportunities of the NBA, our ability to push volume over the course of a season is impacted. However, there is a big upside to betting the WNBA.

Since the WNBA is less wagered on, we’ve found this market to be much less efficient than the NBA & NCAAB. Using the same methodology we apply to our NBA & NCAAB basketball picks, we’re able to attain an accuracy percentage of around 60% in the WNBA for the same markets that may only be 55% in men’s basketball. With this increased edge in the WNBA, we are able to achieve similar unit returns as other leagues’ expert picks. 

We place expert WNBA picks on the first half & full game wagers against the point spread & on the moneyline, as well as first quarter, first half & full game picks and predictions on game & team totals. All together, this provides 8 total markets for picks in the WNBA.

Use our ROI Calculator to see what your return on investment would be. 





Run Line


Units Returned


Dollars Returned




* ROI based upon a $400 unit wager & starting bankroll of 16K.

**Results based off performance of WNBA Professional Package**








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