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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does the guarantee work?
    View the terms of our SBIA Money-Back Guarantee here.
  • What sports packages do you offer?
    Currently, we offer NBA, NCAAB, and WNBA sports packages. Our development team is working tirelessly on our models for other sports, including MLB. Our models are rigorously tested and will not be released to the public until they meet our strict performance standards. Our goal is to always deliver the best product to our clients.
  • How do the net unit rebate rewards work?
    If we do not net a positive return, you qualify to receive a rebate reward of $200 per unit SBIA lost over the package term, no maximum. This means that instead of a refund of your package fee, we would give you $200 per unit lost over the package term, regardless of the cost of your package fee. The packages on our website are set at a $200 per unit rebate reward. However, alternative unit size considerations (up to $500/unit) can be requested by emailing us at
  • Why choose SBIA over the other pick services in the industry?
    Here at SBIA, we have taken the guesswork and emotion out of sports betting to bring you an innovative and trustworthy resource to enhance your journey to becoming a winning player. With an industry best money-back guarantee and groundbreaking new unit rebate rewards backing our sophisticated modeling, we are excited to introduce you to our system that is not widely seen or available in order to beat the bookmaker. Honesty and Transparency: We strive to build trust with our clients. This is why we showcase all of our picks and results. View Our Results. Dedication: We’ve collected 10 years of player and team analysis, 9.2 million lines of data, over 20,000 hours of model development and have 15 team members dedicated to delivering you the best possible product or service the industry has ever seen. We work tirelessly in the off-season to enhance our future performances. To learn more about our methodology click here. A 100% Money-Back Guarantee: A promise like no other. A Groundbreaking New Net Unit Rebate Rewards System: If we do not net a positive return, you qualify to receive a rebate reward of $200 per unit SBIA lost over the package term, no maximum. Alternative unit size considerations (up to $500/unit) can be requested by emailing us at Stability and Consistency: We play the long game. We deliver a large volume of picks over a wide range of markets to give our clients a sustainable edge. Customer service you can rely on: Customer support and customer experience is one of our top priorities. Contact Us here.
  • Which betting markets do you provide picks for?
    Our models are based on straight betting pregame markets. Currently, we do not offer parlays. We investigate the sides and totals markets. Sides are considered against the spread (ATS) and moneyline (ML) markets. Once our analysis across these markets is complete, we provide you the best opportunities by correlating market & risk exposure. The picks delivered every game day will vary based on this assessment, which is unique for each sport.
  • Do you offer playoff selections?
    Yes, we offer picks for the NBA, NCAAB, and WNBA playoffs/postseasons. If you purchase any regular season NBA or NCAAB package by November 30th, you'll receive the corresponding postseason package at no additional cost.
  • What should my unit size be?
    While unit size is unique to each individual and their bankroll size, it is important to establish this baseline for your journey. With our large volume of bets, it’s important to keep your unit size consistent and controlled so you are able to ride out the inevitable downturns and stay in the game for the profits. For optimal performance, it is important to follow our suggested unit sizes for each delivered wager. The focus is always on the long-term.
  • How & when will I receive my picks?
    We deliver all picks to your account portal, which can be viewed at . Picks are not delivered via text or email due to continuously evolving regulations within the space. Be sure to opt-in to Email/SMS alerts in your account portal to be notified when your picks are in. You can sign up for your preference of pick notifications at . These notifications will alert you when picks are posted in your account portal, but will not contain the picks in the alerts themselves. When submitting this form, make sure you hit the “Update” button located at the bottom of your selections. Regardless of the sport, the line gets sharper over time. At SBIA, we have identified that it is easier to beat the opening line than the closing line due to market inefficiencies. In our research, betting early in the Totals markets far outweighs lineup uncertainty, and it is important to play these shortly after lines are released, as these can often move quickly. With the prevalence of late scratches in the NBA, we will have a split release of sides later in the day after teams have released injury reports. NBA totals are released at approximately 8:00 am EST on game days. NBA sides are released at approximately 1:00 pm EST, with a possible late release around 5:00 pm EST on game days. NCAAB sides and totals are released at approximately 8:15 am EST on game days. WNBA sides and totals are released at approximately 10:00 am EST on game days.
  • What is line shopping?
    Line shopping will increase your potential as a sports bettor. There are many valuable resources online that can assist you in your efforts. A few listed below: LegalSportsReport BettingUSA VSIN
  • How many picks a day will I be given?
    You can expect anywhere from 10-20 picks per sport to be delivered to your account portal on a game day, with a few outliers to this situation. Volume has two primary benefits: stable performance and bankroll turnover. By wagering on a large volume of games, we create a diversification effect, which decreases the volatility of returns. More importantly, betting on a large proportion of games allows us to compound our advantage, generating higher overall ROI.
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