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Innovative Analytics:
All you need to win

Our purpose is without a doubt: if our picks do not succeed, we do not succeed.  Transparency and honesty are the keys to our success.

Our Goal

Our goal at SBIA is to provide a winning edge for the long term to our customers. We deliver data-driven picks that we believe consistently achieve a 55% probability success rate by using our comprehensive machine learning modeling work combined with advanced analytics, expansive research and extensive back-testing.


Our team of accomplished data scientists, engineers and seasoned sports betting professionals creates data-driven models using state of the art research processes to analyze numerous aspects of each sport. With testing and back-testing these models, we achieve a rate of predictability that could provide our customers a winning edge for the long term.


Our processes are continually reviewed and updated with the goal of having our results remain reliable and ahead of the curve.

Why are we different?

We build our models strictly on the basis of data collected over many years and integrate that with our advanced Machine Learning techniques. We employ a systematic and selective approach to pick selections that aren't influenced by  hype or marketing ploys (national television games, marquee matchup, etc).

We only make a pick when we believe we have an edge that has at least a 55% probability success rate. We know 55% may not sound particularly impressive, but the ability to steadily and reliably hit 55% can generate very significant returns. 

This is our only goal: to help our customers win consistently.


With our innovative use of statistical data and machine learning, we embrace the challenge to help our customers succeed over the long run.

We believe that sports betting can add to your income if done in a systematic way without employing emotions by following our recommended picks.


About Us


About Us