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Who We Are

Making The Dream of Becoming
a Winning Sports Handicapper a Reality

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Welcome to A New Way to Sports Bet

After the Supreme Court ruled to allow states to legalize sports betting in the spring of 2018, SBIA was born.


SBIA was created to provide a sports handicapping service that shifts the betting experience from an entertainment expense, to a lucrative revenue stream. Our sole mission is to deliver premium picks in the industry with precision, integrity & excellence. 


Over the past four years, we have gathered Masters & PhD - level Mathematicians, Data Scientists & Sports Betting Professionals from across the country to bring you a service that is unlike anything seen before.


Our system has analyzed & recorded every moment of every game, from every player within the last ten years. The result is a completely streamlined algorithm that brings you the most reliable edge within the world of sports betting.

Every game. Every player. Every second.


A decade of analytics, at the tips of your fingers.

At SBIA, we treat sports betting as a business opportunity. Where others see emotion & fandom, we see possibilities. Utilizing our system gives you the edge to create an exciting new financial asset for your portfolio.

Every game day our analytics assess the data and post our picks directly into your account portal. We set a new industry standard by taking the guesswork & emotion out of sports betting, providing you with the confidence to build steady returns over the long term. 


We post every result of our picks - win, or lose - to deliver on our core values of honesty & transparency. If this all sounds too good to be true, check out our Results page to see how we've stacked up against the odds, & use our ROI Calculator to see how your money can work for you.

At SBIA, we understand that just like any investment, sports betting comes with its ups & downs. We are so confident in our system, that we alleviate this risk by offering our clients a one of a kind promise: The SBIA Money - Back Guarantee.

So if you're ready to elevate your game, view our Packages & choose the plan that works best for you.


Welcome to Sports Betting Innovative Analytics.

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Where Rebounds Meet ROIs
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