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In a game of odds, the smartest bettors know consistency is the key to significant returns

Our winning edge is our commitment to consistently achieving a 55%* probability success rate.  If you’re making bets on the NBA, MLB, NCAA BB, and want a competitive edge, leverage SBIA analytics to how you approach your bets.

* Based on 7+ years of extensive backtesting for sides and totals market. Moneyline is excluded from this success rate as odds are not the traditional 11 to 10. 


An unmatched

We employ a systematic approach to pick selections that aren't influenced by hype or marketing ploys (national television games, marquee matchups, etc.).

Innovative Analytics:
All you need to win

With SBIA, we provide picks that are meticulously researched and backtested so you can be confident in the outcome of your bets. 

Our team of accomplished data scientists, engineers, and seasoned sports betting professionals have used state-of-the-art research processes, to analyze tens of thousands of data points for each sport.


Our picks take emotion out of the equation and instead rely on cutting-edge analytics and sophisticated modeling to provide you the best results.


We don’t hide or change our results. Track our picks everyday. We are confident this will make your decision to join a simple one.


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Our demand for excellence must be fueled by a talented, innovative, and creative modeling team. If you are a Data Scientist / Data Modeler ready to join a cutting edge start up and enter the emerging sports betting industry, send us your resume. 


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NBA Basketball

Our NBA model has proven its merit with full transparency. We have displayed every selection prior to March 15th 2022 here free of charge to earn that track record and our reputation of delivering complete transparency. Over 1385 selections across pre-game Sides, Totals, and Team Totals the model has generated 70 units of profit while overcoming difficult circumstances with the Covid surge in December and January leading to unprecedented player turnover.  We will stack that up against any pick service in the country.


Season Results


Going into the start of the 2022 NBA season we are confident our clients will reap the benefits of our predictions. We are on the cusp of being the most accurate pick service in the industry. 2022 will include the launch of our College Basketball service and with the conclusion of the MLB lockout our team is focused on the initial model to extend our reach to Baseball as well. Membership to our service entails a flat monthly fee with a guarantee unlike any in the industry, if we do not win for you the service is FREE. To become a member please contact us.